installing snap lock flooring in hallway

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO GET A CLOSER LOOK. Hallways, here is where the last row of laminate flooring will be installed in the. Here is where the last row of laminate needs to be installed in this hallway. The door jambs are already under cut. In this case I am installing Quick Step Eligna which has the Uniclic locking system

If you have a long, prominent hallway, you may choose to run the flooring parallel to its walls, even if that means it will run parallel to the short walls in the living room. It's also important to consider the sightline from the entry; lines running parallel to the sightline are more visually pleasing than those running across it.

Consider an engineered wood "click lock" instead. So my advice is to lay the flooring perpendicular to the joists in the room and hallway, and if that means having it run in different directions for the two, just cover the space in between up with a transition strip in the doorway, like a t-moulding: alt text

It is really critical to know a few good tips about how to install laminate in a hallway before you get started. chalk line; tape measure; tapping block; prybar; laminate flooring pull bar; screw gun with a drill bit and a screw bit Both of these are available on Amazon and you can click on either of them to purchase. I do want

Here is a Part 2 of the video "Laying Wood Flooring in a Hallway that Has Doorways Both Sides". Here you'll see different ways how to install wood floor arou