material floor similar to wood

Besides looking nothing like wood, laminate flooring developed waves across the surface, and boards forced too tightly against each other could form peaks. But now, with laminate looking better and performing ever better, the decision gap has narrowed. Laminate, in fact, outperforms hardwood in many

At first glance bamboo and hardwood flooring materials may appear to be basically the same thing. They have a similar look, feel, and share many characteristics between them. However Bamboo is a type of grass, whereas hardwood is harvested from lumber and trees. Because of this, there are some very

The enduring good looks of hardwood flooring come in many types and styles to fit different needs and budgets. Related To: Floors Wood. If you're thinking of putting in wood floors, you can't go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have unmatched natural beauty and go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you

From classic hardwood to trendy concrete, explore flooring surfaces to find the best option for your lifestyle and budget with help from HGTV. Comfort, durability, style and cost are key considerations when choosing floors for your home. Learn how Made from a sustainable grass, bamboo floors rival wood in sturdiness.

It is a very trendy (and somewhat controversial) flooring option. It is also used in furniture and a wide variety of other construction materials. 3. Wood composites. As the name suggests, composite materials combine wood with recycled plastics or other components. As compared to lumber, composites are a

For this reason, you want flooring material that can withstand everything that happens in the kitchen. Fortunately, you can get the stunning look of hardwood, but with a material more suited to the kitchen environment. Here are To get the wood-look in wetter environments like kitchens, stylish alternatives are available.

Hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl or eco-friendly choices like cork or bamboo? It's easier to install than solid-wood hardwood floors and is much less expensive. Laminate floors get their name because they're composed of different wood-based materials that are layered, or laminated, together then topped with a wood grain

There was a time when the term eco-friendly evoked images of bland, boring and blah materials. Thankfully It is usually seen on walls or in your favorite bottle of wine, but it is great material for floors. Cork, like wood can be finished in a variety of paints and stains to suit any color scheme or design style.