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Composite decking from Coastal Lumber doesn't deteriorate over time due to harsh weather or insect infestations. It's also splinter-free and maintains traction, even when wet. Composite decking contains no chemicals or preservatives, so it's a perfect, safe choice for families and pets. Since it repels damage from moisture

One advantage of usingdry lumber is that most of the shrinkage has been achieved prior to purchase. Dry lumber is lumber with a moisture content no greater than 19%; wood does most of its shrinking as it drops from 28-19%. Dry lumber will have already shown its drying defects, if any. It will also lead to less surprises in a

Perhaps the most surprising concern over composite decking materials, these products are not as resistant to moisture and mold as exotic decking lumber products are. Real wood includes complex, water-absorbing and shedding structures that originally allowed nutrients to nourish the tree. In addition

Q: I recently completed a deck with capstock composite decking, but now the ends of the decking are swelling. The customer During the WPC manufacturing process, the wood is dried to a moisture content of nearly zero, then mixed with the plastic and other additives. This mixture Composite Materials

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5 4x6x16' CEDAR MOISTURE SHIELD. Grooved for clips install, our reversible boards features a natural wood-grain texture on both sides, allowing use of either side for easier installation. In addition, the planks come with to accommodate hidden fastening systems. offers a straightforward, industry leading

Products like composite decking have wood fibers that are completely surrounded by plastic, which enables them to be used on the ground, in the ground or in the water, as well as resist insects. Because of their moisture resistance, such materials work well for decks in a wide range of

We will teach you about the differences between types of wood and composite building materials and products. Learn more about Most wood sold for deck building is considered wet and has a moisture content of over 30% water weight Wood Any lumber you purchase should have a grade stamp or end tag Wood

The company's wood composite material for use in decking, siding, and fa├žade profiles is formulated from approximately 30% rice husks by weight, combined with calcium carbonate and It does not crack, splinter, or rot, and is resistant to insects, moisture, and extreme weather, the firm says.

New technologies have made low-maintenance composite,and plastic-based decking an ever more attractive alternative to wood alternatives. Here's a closer look at Older products typically had only their top surface sealed, leaving pathways for moisture. New technology andmaterial costs have raised prices a bit.

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Q. My wood deck sits in the sun all day with no shade. It's now treated lumber and requires sealing every other year. I've tried lots of different sealers all with the same results. I'm tired of all the work and I need some wood deck resurfacing ideas. I wonder if you have any experience with the exotic

If you have uncapped composite decking you'll need to pay a little attention to the objects sitting on your deck. When moisture gets between objects (flower pots, mats, etc.) and can't evaporate properly, the moisture can, over time, react with the tannic acid (tannins) in the wood fiber of the material and