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See more ideas about Flooring ideas unique, Grey wood floors and Grey hardwood floors. Leather Belt Flooring Unique Flooring: 5 Low-Cost DIY Ideas - Green Homes - Natural Home Garden. .. Learn how to create beautiful, unique floors out of reclaimed materials with this simple guide to end-grain flooring.

photo DIYwideplankfloors.jpg. Then I did the thing that I sometimes do, where I'm convinced I just invented some incredible new DIY and then I google the idea and there are already a dozen tutorials up on the interwebs for my idea that felt so original and unique only five seconds before! (Sadness ensues).

The end result is extremely cool and reflects her own unique personality, which is what home decor is for. So what exactly did she do to create a standout floor? She used an unusual material: pennies. Beginning of the DIY Penny floor. Imgur via TonyaTooners. And lucky for us, she used Imgur to document the entire project

Quick and easy DIY underfoot updates for your kitchens, baths, living spaces, and even garages. The planks go down fast, over virtually any material—concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, even ceramic tile. This sandwich of wood veneer glued to layers of pine or plywood looks like solid wood and is very stable. Although

This DIY Concrete Floor tutorial will show you how to create a gorgeous floor at a bargain price with simple materials and tools. PS, I've reading details now… and … oh, I do the same thing: every time my husband travels I have this extra strange energy and I re-construct the house. I've moved entire rooms, painted ceiling

2010, DIY Network. One of the most comfortable and inexpensive flooring options available, carpet tile has the ability to quickly and easily transform an environment. Available for as If you're looking for a unique, upscale flooring material that won't break the bank then cork is perfect for you. Available at

These 9 creative outdoor patio flooring ideas can be done without a contractor, and can be done in weekend. All of them Same technique, different material! This side Lastly, you could use recycled Envirotile to recover your patio, from ' ' They even have a tutorial on installing the tile for you!

Just Floored! 15 Totally Unexpected DIY Flooring Alternatives. Bottle caps, leather belts, and pennies are just a few of the unusual materials that creative do-it-yourselfers have incorporated in these cheap flooring ideas. Click through for 15 finished projects prove that—for very little money—you can add a lot of beauty and

Most of you are probably wondering what the heck paper on a floor looks like and I don't blame you, it's kind of a weird idea. Here is what the finished product .. They look good, so that's a plus, but if we put “paper bag” as a flooring type in the MLS will people think it's too DIY? Or maybe they will be so

Creating a unique floor can really transform a room, but buying the materials and getting a professional in to lay it can get expensive! So why not have a go yourself! You can cut the labor costs and even use recycled materials like bottle caps and old newspapers! All of these ideas are unique and fun!

Pennies Flooring. Do you collect pennies? Here is a great way to use them creatively and show them to everyone! Looks awesome, right? Diy Kitchen Floor - Pennies. If you don't feel so adventurous, you can create a beautiful design using small size or mosaic tile. It looks especially great on the floors of small bathroom

I am willing to try unique DIY options and have no plans to put the house on the market at this time. I would guess it's a wooden material. . We are looking at replacing the carpet in our bedroom with hardwood floor, but we are not sure if there is really a difference between real wood, enginnered wood or